Presentation of the study “Municipal development cooperation in Germany”

Screenshot: Methodik Studie „Kommunale Entwicklungspolitik in Deutschland“


On 16 June 2021, Dr. Eva Dick, Dr. Paul Marschall and Christopher Wingens presented the main findings of their study on “Municipal development cooperation in Germany” in a virtual workshop at the 15th Federal Conference on Municipal Development Policy (BuKo). Subsequent to the presentation, Dr. Stefan Wilhelmy (SKEW), Dr. Marta Wachowiak (District of Groß-Gerau) und David Linse (City of Mannheim) discussed the study results and reflected on current topics and challenges in the field. Around 50 persons from municipalities, academia, political institutions and civil society participated in the online event.

The study results indicate that in the past years the commitment of German municipalities has become progressively stronger and more diverse, related to both topics and stakeholders. This has occurred against the background of changing global agendas notably the 2030 Agenda, as well as more favorable institutional framework conditions, in particular enhanced funding opportunities from the federal level. Data collection in the context of the DIE study was carried out in cooperation with the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval), which is currently evaluating municipal development cooperation and SKEW. Moreover, DIE and DEval plan a joint publication regarding key policy results and recommendations in municipal development cooperation.

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