Dr. Eli Wortmann-Kolundžija receives the „jumpp Inspire Award“

Photo: DIE associated researcher Dr. Eli Wortmann-Kolundžija,

©Eli Wortmann-Kolundžija

For the first time, the Frankfurt-based association “jumpp women’s businesses” has joined forces with the German branch of Bank of America to launch an ideas competition for women who want to pursue and implement their own ideas. The aim of the award is to encourage potential female founders in the early stages of their project to pursue and implement their ideas. 49 proposals entered the competition in four categories. Individuals and teams from all over Hesse were eligible to apply in the following four categories:



  • Discoverer”: Gaining a foothold in a new industry
  • Strategist”: Tailor-made business concept for your life
  • Community creator”: Ideas with an intercultural focus
  • Visionary”: Thinking innovation holistically

During the digital award ceremony of the “jumpp Inspire Awards”, Dr. Eli Wortmann-Kolundžija, associated researcher at the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) was awarded the prize in the category “Visionary”. Her idea is to help decision-makers use AI-assisted randomised controlled trials (RCTs) to evaluate the impact of their projects more quickly and resource-efficiently. To date, RCTs require a large sample size to achieve a certain statistical power (“power”). By duplicating the control group using AI, the total number of participating subjects can be significantly reduced. Digital twins and AI modelling could be used for this purpose. A digital twin represents an actual physical person in the field experiment in a simulation model. It would be interesting to see if a digital twin could actually reflect the subject’s behavior by being programmed in advance with relevant current and historical data about them. For this, Ms. Wortmann-Kolundžija is currently testing which AI application is suitable for modelling and predicting different individual, but also environmental scenarios.

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