Online event series by MGG Network, PRODIGEES and CIFE continued

Screenshot: Presentation Dr. Dominguez

©Juan Carlos Dominguez

The Managing Global Governance (MGG) Network and its EU-funded research initiative on digitalisation and sustainable development PRODIGEES continued its collaboration with the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) in February with a presentation “Digital but still Unequal: Challenges of Smart Technologies from a Comparative Perspective” by Dr. Juan Carlos Dominguez of Instituto Mora in Mexico City. Dr. Dominguez, an alumnus of the MGG Academy and key partner for both PRODIGEES and the MGG Network, encouraged participants to reflect on the degree to which the international development agenda lags behind technological advancement. At the same time, he advocated for caution, claiming that science and technology are not the “magical bullets” to solve all global problems.

Dr. Dominguez’ presentation continues a PRODIGEES-CIFE online event series which began with Instituto Mora’s Dr. Simone Lucatello in a discussion about the intersection between digitalisation and climate change.

More information about the series, including recordings of past presentations, can be found on CIFE’s Executive Trainings web page.

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