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„Mind the gap? Sketching the relevance of the 2030 Agenda for the Green Deal and other key EU policies in the context of the COVID-19 crisis“

The European Think Tank Group (ETTG) in cooperation with SDSN Germany just published a new policy brief

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The consequences of COVID-19 will shape European policies and politics for years to come. Already before the pandemic, the European Union (EU) was facing difficulties in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and making progress on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Europe is lacking behind particularly on the SDGs related to agriculture, climate change and biodiversity and in strengthening convergence of living standards across EU member states. The pandemic has made these SDGs even more difficult to achieve by 2030, and could derail progress on other SDGs as well. Moreover, recovery measures to address the pandemic’s short- and medium-term socio-economic consequences will determine whether the EU moves towards a sustainable development model by 2030 or locks in unsustainable pathways instead.

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Authors: Christine Hackenesch, Maximilian Högl, Julian Bergmann, Janina Sturm, Damien Barchiche, Adolf Kloke-Lesch

Launch of SDSN Europe: New platform for the European policy work of SDSN networks

SDSN Europe will serve as a coordination group for the networks in Europe on issues related to European policy. In particular, SDSN Europe will focus on the European Green Deal, the national Recovery and Resilience Plans of the Member States, and on Sustainable Food Systems.

Adolf Kloke-Lesch (Executive Director of SDSN Germany), Phoebe Koundouri (Chair of SDSN Greece) and Angelo Riccaboni (Chair of SDSN Mediterranean) have been appointed as Co-Chairs of SDSN Europe.

More information on SDSN Europe will follow shortly. Please reach out to Janina Sturm ( for any questions related to SDSN Europe.

New appointment of the Extended Leadership Council of SDSN Germany

New members of the extended leadership council are: Sophie Bachmann (German UN-Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development), Dr. Camilla Bausch (Spokesperson, Ecornet), Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner (Chairman, Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation), Dr. Steffen Meyer (Head of Directorate General issues of specific sectors of the economy/ social welfare state; Federal Ministry of Finance), Daniela Setton (Head of Department Climate Change, Sustainable Development; Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection of the Federal State of Brandenburg) und Oliver Wieck (Secretary General, ICC Germany)

All members of the extended leadership council:

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