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The leadership council of SDSN Germany was newly elected

The election result to the new leadership council of Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) Germany was announced on 23 November:

New members of the leadership council are Silvie Kreibiehl (Chair, Germanwatch), Nils aus dem Moore (Head of Program Sustainability and Governance, RWI Institute), Sebastian Vollmer (Professor Development Economics, University Göttingen), Daniela Jacob (Chair, DKN Future Earth) und Marianne Beisheim (Senior Associate, SWP).

The co-chairs of SDSN Germany Anna-Katharina Hornidge (DIE) und Gesine Schwan (Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform) have been re-elected as members of the leadership council as well as Joachim Fetzer (DNWE), Mark Lawrence (IASS), Christa Liedtke (Wuppertal Institut), Hermann Lotze-Campen (PIK) and Sabine Nallinger (Stiftung 2°).

SDSN Germany is very thankful to the former members of the leadership council, Klaus Milke, Imme Scholz, Martin Visbeck, Christian Borgemeister und Oliver Wieck, for their strong commitment over the last years.

7th Assembly SDSN Germany

The 7th German SDSN Assembly entitled „Still on 2030 Course? Sustainable Development in the midst of Covid-19 and geopolitics“ took place on 23 November with more than 70 participants from politics and administration, academia, research and civil society. The assembly started with four breakout sessions: How can SDSN and other sustainability actors work together in the year of the federal elections 2021 to anchor sustainability policy as a central element in the social and political debates? How can we overcome the crisis in a more sustainable way with #NextGenerationEU? How do the different approaches around sustainable supply chains behave towards each other, and how can we cooperate on these issues in the future? What are the special opportunities and challenges for start-ups that want to successfully achieve their business goals while taking into account sustainable development?

Following the breakout sessions, the plenary sessions focused on two topics: The role of innovation and systemic logic as a compass for the way out of crisis and the question of a restart for international cooperation for sustainable development against the background of the recent US elections and the upcoming German G7 Presidency in 2022.

The final report of the assembly will follow shortly.