Panel discussion on the topic “Why Internationalisation? Old and new rationales in diverse higher education systems”

Cover: Why internationalization??

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Under the heading “Internationalisation of Higher Education and Research with and after Corona”, representatives of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD),  the management of the University of Bonn, science and technology research, as well as development research and policy advice addressed the question to what extent the current corona-induced digitalisation of research and teaching is changing internationalisation processes within science qualitatively and permanently. Do they possibly even contribute to a decolonisation of Western science? Anna-Katharina Hornidge emphasised their potential in the panel discussion, but at the same time warned against too much euphoria. A decolonisation of science means a radical rethinking of, among other things, performance criteria, publication systems, academic languages, and appointment procedures. It thus goes far beyond corona-induced digitization of research and teaching, with all its positive effects on the internationalisation of discussion and learning rounds. At the same time, the creation of digital infrastructures and embedding their use in the everyday practices of science is a fertile basis for many further steps in international scientific cooperation.

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