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Learning with influencers: together.sustainable.change

Photo: Adolf Kloke-Lesch, SDSN Gemany

Photo: Adolf Kloke-Lesch, SDSN Gemany, ©Robert Hörnig

On 15 January, SDSN Germany, together with the journalist network “Weitblick”, co-organised the workshop “Learning with influencers: together.sustainable.change” at the Stiftung Mercator in Berlin. The topic of the workshop was about communication and sustainable development which brought together over 40 people from different communities and contexts such as science, business, media, art, influencers and bloggers. The first round of the workshop dealt with an analysis of the status quo. Participants discussed how social media can help to transfer scientific facts on sustainability to other communities. At the same time, the groups talked about how sustainability could be established as more than a lifestyle topic. The second workshop round built on answers to these questions and took a look into the future: Which steps can be realised together? Many participants appreciated the exchange between the communities during the workshop. Further events and the establishment of a shared network of the sustainability and influencer community are planned.