DIE showcases Postgraduate Training Programme at development trade fair

Plakat Engagement weltweit Messe

The „Engagement Worldwide“ fair ©AKLÜH e.V.

Every two years the “AKLHÜ e.V. – Netzwerk und Fachstelle für internationale personelle Zusammenarbeit” hosts a job and trade fair with more than fifty exhibitors from the international development sector, accompanied by interesting talks and presentations. At this year’s fair on 12 October at the Stadthalle in Siegburg, DIE’s Martin Koch (Communications Department) and Regine Mehl (Head of Postgraduate Training Programme) represented the institute and answered the question of the many hundreds of visitors.

The focus of the fairs attendees interest was the Postgraduate Training Programme, which prepares recent university graduates with a masters degree for a career in bilateral development cooperation. Throughout the day, the fair also included keynotes and panel discussion, that dealt with the current developments on the job market as well as with opportunities for advanced trainings. Authentic first hand experiences of working in the development field were also part of the presentations. Among others, Regine Mehl discussed the current trends in the development sector with visitors and other exhibitors during a panel discussion.