Current Directions in Water Scarcity Research – New Publication on Drought Challenges

A new book entitled „Drought Challenges: Policy Options for Developing Countries“ (Volume 2, 1st Edition) published recently deals with current developments in research on water scarcity. Michael Brüntrup from the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) is co-editor.The book is the extension of research by DIE on drought in the Horn of Africa undertaken in the framework of DIE’s research project “Promoting food security in rural sub-Saharan Africa: the role of agricultural intensification, social security and results-oriented approaches”, which was funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) under its special initiative “One World, No Hunger” (SEWOH).

Editors: Everisto Mapedza, Daniel Tsegai, Michael Brüntrup, Robert McLeman
Paperback ISBN: 9780128148204
eBook ISBN: 9780128148211

You can buy the book in Elsevier’s online shop here.

New book on drought research: The new book by co-editor Michael Brüntrup connects the biophysical, social, economic, policy and institutional aspects of droughts across multiple regions in the developing world. The book Drought Challenges: Policy Options for Developing Countries provides an understanding of the occurrence and impacts of droughts for developing countries and vulnerable sub-groups, such as women and pastoralists. It presents tools for assessing vulnerabilities, introduces individual policies to combat the effects of droughts and highlights the importance of integrated multi-sectoral approaches and drought networks at various levels. Currently, there are few books on the market that address the growing need for knowledge on these cross-cutting issues. As drought can occur anywhere, the systemic connections between droughts and livelihoods are a key factor in development in many dryland and agriculturally-dependent nations.