Campus Prize for Anna Schwachula

Photo: Daniel Ortiz, Dr. Anna Schwachula und Philipp Kenkel

(from left to right): Daniel Ortiz, Anna Schwachula und Philipp Kenkel,
Copyright: Jan Meier / ZMT

Anna Schwachula, researcher in the programme Inter- and transnational cooperation with the Global South, has won the Campus Prize of the University of Bremen. The Campus Prize honours outstanding theses written on the Bremen campus that are thematically dedicated to the sustainable use of resources as well as the protection of the environment, the climate, and the oceans. The jury honoured Anna Schwachula for her dissertation in which she analyzes German research policy in the field of sustainability research, in particular the cooperation between Germany and developing or emerging countries. Her work focuses on South America. Based on qualitative empirical data, the social scientist inquires about the orientation of the funding policy of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and its orientation toward sustainability goals, as well as the basis for decision-making, the people involved, and the effects of policy.

Further information is available here.