A new social contract for Morocco? DIE and GIZ discuss the potential contribution of development cooperation

Together with GIZ’s Governance Cluster in Morocco, Annabelle Houdret (DIE) organized a workshop in Rabat on 22 February . She introduced the concept of a new social contract and showed how it can be used as a tool for analysis and planning in development cooperation. Prof. Kamal ElMesbahi, a Moroccan economist (Transparency Maroc), then analyzed Morocco’s main governance problems and potential windows of opportunity for development cooperation. On the basis of these presentations, the GIZ staff members discussed how their work could better contribute to support the Moroccan society and government in negotiating a new, more inclusive social contract.

Since 2015, DIE’s regional research team explores the concept of a new social contract within its project ‘Stability and Development for the Middle East and North Africa’. In addition to their scientific work, they also support BMZ and its implementing agencies in using this approach for strategic planning and in project implementation.